Join us for a creative session with Winnie.W, founder of Gold & Behold as she teaches you how to craft your very own eco-friendly and lightweight Jesmonite pieces, with a unique twist!


Gold & Behold is the

  • First in Singapore to craft earrings out of Jesmonite
  • First and only in Singapore to introduce both terrazzo and marbled techniques within a workshop
  • First and only in Singapore to invent and teach Special Effect Jesmonite Trays

In our experiential workshops, we encourage explorations and play. 


There are no teacher / student hierarchy in our workshops.


I’m here to guide you along with your creative explorations.


We play, celebrate and embrace our unique styles and personalities together 🎉


I’m exploring new possibilities in every workshop I host and enjoy every interaction with our workshop attendees 😊


This is Jesmonite, reimagined.


Join us and let’s make magic together!


Do drop us an email at for corporate & private workshops