Join us for a healing workshop with Winnie.W, founder of Gold & Behold as she guides you through The Healing Art of Modern Kintsugi –– a workshop inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi.

Winnie became an active advocate for mental wellness after her encounter with depression 7 years ago.

Through Winnie's personal Modern Kintsugi practice, she discovered that the philosophy of Kintsugi allows her to understand her struggle in a tangible way and provides a form of healing mediative art.

Thus, she created this one-of-a-kind healing craft workshop in hopes to open up conversations about metal wellness and towards reducing the stigma around mental illnesses.

Winnie is also the first and only artist in Singapore to add a unique touch and transforms the philosophy of Kintsugi into wearable accessories and homewares.

Do drop us an email at for corporate & private workshops!