Zoom Dainty Kintsugi Bangle 03 [NEW]
Zoom Dainty Kintsugi Bangle 03 [NEW]

Dainty Kintsugi Bangle 03 [NEW]


Beautifully broken, meticulously mended.

A daintier, thinner version of our classic Kintsugi Bangles.






6mm thin

Fits 15cm to 16cm wrists

Inner circumference: 18cm


All the pieces are mended from our past curated goods that didn't pass our QC, broken and flawed pieces and so on. Some curated goods / flawed pieces are broken and then refined using the Kintsugi method to breathe a new lease of life into them.

*As these are manually mended, please do not put too much pressure when handling
*Misalignments are inevitable as these are mended by hand


Generic Care

⋒ Avoid contact with water, alcohol or other chemicals

⋒ Do not scrape or apply direct heat to the gold glaze

⋒ A detailed Kintsugi Care Card will be provided with your order

Dainty Kintsugi Bangle 03 [NEW]