Zoom Kintsugi B*obie Cup – No.2 (Food Safe)
Zoom Kintsugi B*obie Cup – No.2 (Food Safe)
Zoom Kintsugi B*obie Cup – No.2 (Food Safe)

Kintsugi B*obie Cup – No.2 (Food Safe)


These Modern Kintsugi B*obie Cups are upcycled from slightly flawed / overstock pieces.

These drinking glasses are food safe – please read the care instructions below carefully. Every order comes with a detailed Kintsugi Care card as well.

Like every one of us, each b*ob illustration is unique – we hand-painted them in different shapes and sizes. But, most importantly, the mastectomy scars are painted with gold.

*Some pieces will come with Kintsugi lines on the handle

*This is a generic listing and orders of this design will be dispatched by random 

15% of the gross proceeds will be donated to an international non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and treating breast cancer. This donation will be vital for advancing cancer prevention, cancer therapy,  tumour biology, metastasis and survivorship research globally.

You will also receive a Breast Self Examination sticker decal in every order from this collection.


9.5cm x 7.5cm (Without handle)

9.5cm x 11cm (Withhandle)



⋒ If you wish to preserve the gold glaze in top condition, we recommend you to keep it as a display piece / holder instead of using it as a drinking cup

If you intend to use it as a drinking cup (only for items labelled Food Safe), do note:

⋒ Please wash before use
⋒ Dark substances like coffee and tea can potentially stain the gold glaze
⋒ Prolonged usage and direct contact with water or other substances will affect the appearance of the gold glaze overtime (dullness, discolouration etc)
⋒ To be safe, keep the temperature of your liquid between 30°C (room temperature) to 60°C max
⋒ If the gold glaze is on the rim, drink from the area without the gold glaze
⋒ Wipe the gold glaze dry immediately after washing
⋒ Do not wipe gold glaze with alcohol or other chemicals
⋒ Please do not microwave, bake or put the pieces in the dishwasher
⋒ Do not attempt to scrape or apply direct heat to the gold glaze
⋒ Gold & Behold is not liable for any damages caused by unintended usage

Kintsugi B*obie Cup – No.2 (Food Safe)