Zoom [Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience
Zoom [Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience
Zoom [Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience
Zoom [Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience

[Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience


Stay Gold Studio by Gold & Behold

Hillview Building (Blue building on the right, opposite Hillview Warehouse)
48 Hillview Terrace #05-02A
Singapore 669269


Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Fine Dining Experience Overview

In this 3 hour session, you will spend the first hour enjoying a delicious 3 course culinary experience prepared by our friends, Chefs Kelysa and Jake from J.K Patisserie, served on Modern Kintsugi plates & wares made by Winnie from Gold & Behold. View the menu on the 2nd image. 

After which, we will have a Modern Kintsugi session lead by Winnie, founder of Gold & Behold. You will be crafting a ware each individually to bring home. During this session, you will learn to slow down and have a conversation with yourself, sit down with imperfections, face them headstrong and rebuild broken pieces, enabling us to be stronger than before.


Modern Kintsugi Workshop  $138

3 Course Semi Fine Dining — $65

Bundle Price — $198 per pax


All crafting materials are provided, so just bring yourself and an open mind!

⋒ Due to requests, we have opened slots for solo diners for solo dates as well ;) Just check out the 1 pax listing

⋒ Our workshops are limited to 8 pax per session to provide you with undivided attention. To us, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love in all forms, you do not need to be a couple to attend — friends and family are welcome! 

⋒ The image displayed is for reference only, please refer to the 2nd image for the menu.

⋒ Please inform us if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies during checkout or by 1st Feb 2023 latest. We will not be able to make any alternative arrangements for you after 1st Feb

⋒ We kindly ask that you let us know if you will be late for the semi-fine dining and workshop experience. To respect everyone's time, we will begin promptly or as soon as half of the guests have arrived. Please note that if you are more than 30 minutes late, Gold & Behold reserves the right to cancel your workshop without refund as it may disrupt the flow of the event and cause our staff to work overtime.


About J.K Patisserie by Kelysa & Jake

J.K Patisserie, affectionately known as J.K.Rolling, is founded by Singapore’s culinary duo Kelysa & Jake. The duo has 12 years of combined culinary experience. Kelysa became the Head Pastry Chef at just 23 years old in a semi-fine dining restaurant serving Asian European Cuisine. Due to her rich training experience at Peach Garden, many of Kelysa’s signature desserts are Asian inspired –– her Tea-Ra-Miss-U with Baileys, Lapsang Souchong & Cocoa Crumble are sure to hit the spot with a perfect balance of modernity & heritage.

With years of training in Modern European cuisine, Jake showcases his trained palate and creativity using locally sourced ingredients. He recently returned from the EXPOGAST Culinary Worldcup 2022 held in Luxembourg as a team assistant for the Singapore National Culinary Team. 

P.S. Kelysa & Jake are a couple and one of Kelysa’s favourite dishes that Jake has ever cooked for her is his Chilli Crab Risotto! Love is definitely in the air with this culinary duo serving up creative dishes that fills both our tummy and soul.


About The Healing Art of Modern Kintsugi by Gold & Behold

This workshop is probably the only one where you are allowed to break things!

The Healing Art of Modern Kintsugi is a workshop inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi.

Traditionally, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections.
Gold & Behold founder, Winnie’s respect and adoration of Kintsugi inspired her to apply the philosophy to this workshop as a metaphor for healing and meditative art.



⋒ Unique, one of a kind crafting & dining experience 

⋒ Exclusive 10% off storewide for both online & physical retail purchases during the day of your workshop!

 A workshop for healing, mental wellness and upcycling

 Learn how to break things - and put them back together with gold!

 Understand the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi

 Our workshops are limited to 8 pax (i.e. 4 pairs) per session to provide you with undivided attention. You do not need to be a couple to attend - friends and family are welcome! We embrace love in all forms


Materials provided:

 1x piece of slightly imperfect ware to craft with each

 Modern Kintsugi tools and materials

 Gold powders that are hand mixed by us –– something you will not find anywhere else! 


We provide restoration services too and you can check it out here



1. Do you break the pieces on purpose? If you do, is it still Kintsugi?

We understand that traditional Kintsugi fixes pottery that has broken unintentionally. We believe in crafting an experiential workshop that provides self-discovery and reflection. In this workshop, the process of breaking an object is a symbolic representation of life's adversity, making it an essential part of the workshop.

2. What are the materials used?
As an upcycling effort, you will be using beautifully curated pieces with slight manufacturing defects. You will also get exclusive access to an array of gold powders that are hand mixed–– something you will not find anywhere else! Every part of the workshop is designed and executed with great thought and considerations.

3. End Product
These pieces can be used as accessories, trinket dishes, brush/pen holders or decorative art. Due to the adhesive solution and pigments used, these restored pieces are not food safe. Please do not microwave, bake or put the pieces in the dishwasher.


We provide food-safe restoration services here


Read our FAQs in more details



Terms & Conditions

 Cancellations or rescheduling are strictly not allowed, and no refunds will be given

 We understand that changes do happen. In the instance where you couldn't make it to our workshop, you may get a friend to attend the session (Do inform at staygold@goldandbehold.co about the change at least 3 days before workshop commencement)

 Do note that we require a minimum of 4 pax to confirm a class. We will reach out to you 3 days before the workshop commencement in the event of low sign-ups. You may choose to reschedule to the next available workshop


Recording Notice

By attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials. Do let us know if you are uncomfortable with it. We will fully respect your privacy and note it on our attendance list and to our staffs ;)

[Valentine’s Day Exclusive] Modern Kintsugi Workshop x Semi Fine Dining Experience