[April Exclusive] Edible Zen Garden x Modern Kintsugi Workshop

Together with Ethel from Little Favors, we have come together in this mindfulness-themed collaboration to bring you our Edible Zen Garden + Modern Kintsugi Workshop.

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[Workshop] The Healing Art of Modern Kintsugi

A workshop inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi.

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Modern Kintsugi Kit


Our Kintsugi Journey

Read the creative process behind our Kintsugi-inspired works in this article.

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First Modern Kintsugi Workshop in Singapore

Featured on Straits Times, Zaobao & VOGUE. We have hosted 1000+ Modern Kintsugi workshop attendees and have upcycled over 1528+ defective wares through Modern Kintsugi.

Our founder, Winnie, discovered crafting as a creative outlet to heal from depression in 2017.

After dabbling into concrete, resin and Jesmonite, Winnie became the 1st Modern Kintsugi & mixed-medium artist in Singapore.

She also provides Modern Kintsugi restoration services as she believes that every piece of memory should be held on to and cherished.

As part of our sustainability initiative, we plant a tree with every order you make.

Modern Kintsugi Workshops

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The Healing Art of Modern Kintsugi

Through our Modern Kintsugi practice, we discovered that the philosophy of Kintsugi allows us to discuss life and mental wellness tangibly, providing a meditative art form.

From Broken to Golden

Beautifully broken, meticulously mended.

Our works are inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi –– a metaphor for embracing flaws and imperfections.

You will find a smorgasbord of pieces reflecting our self-discovery and personal healing ranging form earrings to homewares.

Unique & Experimental Kintsugi Pieces

As a curious creative, we pride ourselves in creating one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before pieces inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi.

We are the 1st and only artist in Singapore to incorporate the Kintsugi philosophy with mixed medium, resulting in unique accessories and homewares.

Upcycling through Modern Kintsugi

In society's relentless pursuit of perfection and throwaway culture, we are mindful that flawed & defective goods, though not broken, will risk being thrown away.

Thus, we repurpose these defective objects by applying the philosophy of Kintsugi to breathe a new lease of life to them.

1 Order = 1 Tree Planted

As part of our sustainability initiative, we plant a tree with every order you make. This is made possible with Ecologi.

Received my tray! Love it so much. Will use it soon for video and shoots :) :)

Barbara Fritschy Founder & Creative Director of make room

It's like a piece of art. My hair literally stand when I opened the box.

Shermaine.Y Co-founder of The Wildest Dreams Co