Calling Myself Out #truthbombs

Today, I'm calling myself out for calling people out previously.

I can't go on preaching about having grace and empathy without clearing this up.  

I know that this post is random. But practising Kintsugi and having my daily dose of Lito Academy probably cleansed my mind a little.

I'm here to account for my past actions — calling out 2 makers/brands last year / earlier this year (I lost track and didn't want to check back because I don't wish to remind myself of the incident) for 'lifting' my works. Some involved very similar designs, lifting my product descriptions, my workshop type etc.

I probably acted out of insecurity, lack of creative confidence and immense love for my ideas and works. I'm in a much better mental space to process all these now (hopefully, but healing is a slow process).

In two instances, I did DMed them privately first before sharing what happened publicly, and I didn't reveal brand names unless the party reveals mine. In conclusion, I revealed 1 brand out of the 2, acting out of protection of my brand.

But here's the thing: Even if they have copied, I should have kept it private, even if they have made it public and said untrue things about me and my brand (which they did), I should have probably remained silent / have shown more grace / reacted differently.

How people treat you is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. It shouldn't have anything to do with you. They are responsible for their thoughts and healing. Their actions reflect their values in life, not yours.

Similar designs, thoughts and ideas happen for many reasons; maybe the idea falls upon both of you simultaneously, thus the coincidence? Maybe they love your works thus, they wanted to replicate something similar; they might be amateur/new to the medium, they could be stuck. We will never know.

Or sadly, they don't care and have no ethics. But trust that consumers are smart enough, and time will tell. You keep doing the incredible works you do!

Here's an excerpt from Big Magic : How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Food for thoughts: Are 'our ideas' truly ours? Or are we are just borrowing from the Universe and creating it through our own hands? Here's another insightful read Mark Twain On Plagiarism and Originality.

Quoting from Mark Twain:

Maybe they are a collective of breadcrumbs of the things we see and hear?

Crafting & making should bring you joy. So focus on being happy doing what you do!


People can't take your story, creativity, ideas, joy of creating and finesse from you. Focus on being authentic.

If you sense that you are lifted from, have a conversation with the maker/brand privately and gently. Don't jump into conclusion by yourself and make it public — you might think that you are standing up for yourself and your ideas, but it doesn't reflect well on you or your brand either.

And all that time spent on the drama could be used to think up more brilliant ideas.

I'm writing this because I was there, and I have grown from it. Also, I'm writing this as a reminder for myself. I'm not a know-it-all. I'm still learning and growing every day.


To those who took inspiration from what you see and added your touch to it, thank you.


For instances where it's coincidental, great minds think alike! It happens.


To those who lift with intention, we only can wish that they eventually discover their style and get inspired by their own story, preferences and things around them. 💖


I believe that the craft market is big enough for everyone as long as you have creativity, ethics, tenacity and finesse.

Remember, life is 50:50. You won't get rainbows, glitters and butterflies all the time. People can be whoever the fuck they want to be – it's out of your control. Focus on the things that you can control. Like creating more beautiful works!

Happy crafting! 

Side note:

As you guys know, I'm dabbling into the art of Kintsugi and naturally, when exploring a new craft/medium that is not popular in Singapore yet, I would be fearful about the sudden popularity & saturation in the market.

I need to remind myself that Gold & Behold and crafting is my creative outlet.

Being the 1st or the 1000th maker in whatever medium and whichever country shouldn't take away my joy in crafting. If it takes away my joy, I'm in it for the wrong reasons.

It's time for a check-in for fellow makers as well! As always, sending hugs and love! 💕 

Stay gold,